© 2018 by Anete M. Camille Strand. 


Hi. I'm a danish scholar driven by the urge to make changes in our society. I do this by including other ways of knowing in my practices of teaching, researching and facilitating. Basically I believe that the most profound changes come from re-connecting mind, body and surround in ways that allows us to realize that not only do we have smart heads, we also have very smart hands that are able to convey that which we have picked up behind out backs through the subtleties of our worldly engagements.

In fact, on that back-drop I'm driven by the idea of changing the entire educational system from the present hierarchy of socalled higher and lower forms of education to a networked-based platform across well-known divides of theory/practice, research/teaching/, consultancy/teaching, etc. I'm well-situated in that regard in being part of the PBL-driven Aalborg University, PBL is changing over time and is currently changing in line with the current (see 'The New Academia'').

Concepts as civic university, 

citizen science, open science and post-capitalism inform my thoughts on this issue and are read through one-another to enact the potential of reconfiguring the role of our universities from one of being at the ivory-tower-top of a hierarchy into one of playing a central role of the society that awaits us.

"AAU-BASED SCHOLAR pioneered in bringing Storytelling, Learning, Organizations and Quantum theory together,

- Mike Bonifer,BIGStory, LA

"Anete Strand and her Material Storytelling Lab approach is one of the up and coming stars of the emergent field of quantum storytelling"

- David M. Boje NMSU

The infra-structure thereby created will be a crucial part of the scenography of not only re-thinking, but reinventing society itself. I've practiced and developed these ideas together with a large and diverse group of parties across research- and educational institutions, private companies and public organizations for some years now under the headline of 'Changing the Paradigm of Education' - and with Material Story Lab at Aalborg University, Denmark as the practical achor point and facility.